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Cornish Garden Nurseries

03 - Apr - 2014

Cornish Garden Nurseries....Big enough to source your plants and small enough to care.


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Perennials at our Garden Centre in Cornwall

At Cornish Garden Nurseries we stock a fantastic range of perennials. From Herbaceous Geraniums to the beautiful evergreen Phormium we have something wonderful to help you transform your garden.

Perennials are wonderful. Coming back year after year to give you your moneys worth and what's more if a good selection of perennials is made they can provide you with year round interest.

We keep a consistently high stock of all of the most popular herbaceous perennials and some more unusual ones too! Below is a list of some of our current favourites, but this list is by no means comprehensive, if you can't see what you're looking for please don't hesitate to get in touch with us, more than likely we have it or are able to source it for you!

Can't see what you're looking for?

We stock a large range of plants small and large ideal for making a truly fabulous garden. For all enquiries please contact us on 01872 864380, email us via the contact page, or just pop by and visit us at Cornish Garden Nurseries to find out more.

PERENNIAL SELECTION ; 6 Perennials for £12 . Includes Dahlia's, Cistus Purpureus, Echinacea Primadonna White, Osteospermum purple trailing, Sedum Red Emperor.

Rudbeckia Fulgida

Rudbeckia fulgida


POT SIZE: 2 Litre



A wonderful splash of colour for autumn/winter borders. Beautiful yellow daisy like flowers go on well into October. Plant in a sunny position for best results. Frost hardy.

For more details please email us.

Verbena Bonariensis

Verbena bonariensis - Currently sold out, pre order now for next year!


POT SIZE: 3 Litre



A wonderful splash of colour for summer/autumn borders. This stunning perenial stands tall giving real dramatic effect to any border. Clusters of pale purple flowers are borne in mid - late summer lasting well into October.

For more details please email us.

Convolvulus Cneorum

Convolvulus cneorum


POT SIZE: 3 Litre



This is actually a small shrub but fits perfectly into borders. Evergreen with slightly downy silver leaves and beautiful white flowers borne in the summer.

For more details please email us.


This plant has amazing chocolate scented flowers . Sumptuous velvety-bronze flowers on green foliage .

Height ; 35 x 40 cm

Flowering; JULY- OCTOBER

Situation; Brilliant for containers or for a raised bed . Put somewhere you can easily smell the lovely chocolate flowers. Full sun /partial shade. Free draining soil or compost. Dies back over winter,but may revive in spring if protected from frost, or if tubers are removed and stored for replanting.

1 LTR POT ; £3.99

SALVIA 'Hot Lips'

Salvia Microphylla 'Hot Lips'

This is a wild selection of the Mexican Salvia microphylla with small green leaves and unique scarlet-red and white,two toned flowers.Depending on temperature and moisture these will tend to appear almost completely red or white at any one time.

Height/Spread; 50x45cm

Flowering ; JUNE/OCTOBER

Situation; Excellent as a main feature for borders,raised beds or in large containers.Try planting some golden lysimachia foliage arount the edges of the container. Prefers full sun, or partial shade with free draining soil or compost. Can survive winter in a well protected situation.

2LTR POT ; £3.50 OR 4 FOR £10

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